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halfway-throughs AND AFTERS

Check back here for updates on my DIY projects! I’ll post make-over pics soon. My most recent endeavor was a chandelier light fixture made out of a window planter’s box.

Unscrewed all the parts. Stapled new fabric and cushion to each part. Spray painted the wooden base. Waited for drying time. Screwed it all back together. Awesome lines. Not too bulky for my small apartment. :)

Took this cute little antique find repainted and covered it for a nice dressing bench that matches my bedroom.

My brother originally turned this $30 find down because it “wasn’t his style”… It only took a little spray paint and some new knobs (half off from Hobby Lobby) for him to realize he made a bad decision! Meet one of my new end tables!

Detached the drawer from the metal, and spray painted both. Replaced the knob and got a brand new 2nd end table. Got it for only $16. Its bumps and bruises look really neat under a coat of spray paint. Give it some great character.

Got 6 of these chairs for $80, and we simply spray painted them the same color as the metal on the end table above. Then recovered the seats, and there ya go! 6 new dining table chairs! The textured spray paint from Lowe’s makes these wooden chairs have a metal feel!

We found this white wood laminate dresser at a garage sale. It’s solid wood underneath, so we just spray it all brown and polished the original knobs. Works great in my bedroom right now. Someday hope to use it in a different room for something other than a dresser… Once I move out of my small apartment :)

SO I forgot the before picture for this one… Imagine all the textured metal parts were just this rusted white color before. We didn’t do anything to the wood, but Old English it. and we left the screws along the tops alone too. Simply spray the leg caps and the top. Great find. Perfect kitchen table in my small apartment. Will most likely be used as a desk once I move to a bigger place. 

Coffee Table made out of a palette my dad and I found out in the plant of the company he works at! We stained it, screwed on some casters from Lowe’s and then stocked it with books and board games.

Living Room

Dining Area

View from the Door

My couch in the background we got from an estate sale for $150. Excellent condition MasterCraft couch especially made for the old couple we bought it from :)Bedroom Dresser! This is where my record player now sits too!